I feel a little bit taller today

I let go of a petty jealousy. My parents wanted a boy (so they said) and my next door neighbor was a very wanted girl because she had only two quite a bit older brothers. Anyway, I was very jealous of her because she was a wanted girl. So much for being a disappointment. It had felt like rejection.
I’m reminded of the serenity prayer. Accept what I can’t change.


We may not always get what we want. But that doesn’t mean that we love any less. For instance, my mom only wanted girl grandchildren. She got a boy and could not have loved him any more. He stole her heard right away. I was told my daughter was a boy. I love her just the same no matter what her gender. My son was technically an accident meaning not planned. Doesn’t mean unwanted.

So stand tall chordy. You are beautiful and I’m sure you are loved.