I feel a bubble in my brain

And I need it to become so called one with me. I feel very close. It feels like a bubble top of my brain.
It feels like a foreign object in my head and is a port to my concious. Maybe this bubble needs to be filled with luck and replace my fear/paranoya.

How can you fill it?

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I need to trust my faith I guess.

A long time before I started taking meds, I had and got rid of a similar problem. It felt like there was a wedge on top of my head, making its way into my brain.
I made a fist with my hand and hit the top of my head firmly but not too hard. I also did this with the palm of my hand. Firmly, but not too hard. I did this a few times for several nights.
I also did sweat sessions in my room with an electric heater fan on high heat mode and getting under a wool blanket. So I basically turned my room into a sauna. I also took very hot showers, as hot as I could stand.
When I felt “the thing” moving around in my head, I also hit the relevant spots i.e. my sinus areas, the sides of my head.
Eventually it all went away.

I once had a brain shift. I had a temporary serious blood reduction in one hemisphere, thus causing shrinkage. As a consequence, the other hemisphere shifted position. A strange feeling indeed.

I have that bubble in the brain sensation too, it’s brain inflammation. The worse the pressure is, the more symptoms I get.

Try not to be fooled into thinking it’s some form of enlightenment, it’s usually a sign of things going south upstairs.

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I sometimes feel a certain distress point in the uppr left side of my brain, i have No idea what that is about??perhaps an emerging stroke point??