I feel a bit out of my depth at work

To say I am a ‘project’ or ‘work in progress’ for my employer is understating it by some way

Had a really stressful event today where I kinda showed the puddle depth knowledge I have

But I guess it’s my 6th week

Maybe I should think about exposing myself (Not in that way…) to only a few people to learn more before embarrassing myself in front of 8 people


In Belgium there is a 12 month trial period for civil servants. So you would have some more time to get the necessary skills for the job.

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I have the impostor syndrome too. I’ve learned to accept it as a limitation that I have to live with, the same way you get used to having such or such hair color, height or nose shape.

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My manager sent me a nice piece of feedback that has made me feel better

Honestly, I need to stop going into catastrophes mode every time something like this happens

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Sounds good, Keep it up man!

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