I fainted on quetiapine

Since stopping quetiapine i didnt take it for 2 years and yesterday i couldnt sleep, took xanax and still couldnt fall asleep, then i took 100mgs of quetiapine and somehow fell asleep. Then i started to have restless legs (akathisia) and wanted to pee after 2 hours of sleepong so i went to the toilet, i almost fained while peeing then i wejt to wash my hands and then I fainted, it was horrific. I stopped again quetiapine and im about to dispose it. Meds like these shouldnt be legal

Wow, what a reaction. It was definitely not something that agreed with you. Are you okay? You didnt hit your head?

No i didnt hit my head, i just messed up my back while trying to stand up. I was like wigling up and back and to the sides during my faint

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Quietapine is usually fine. I was on it for years. Im guessing its because you mixed it with the xanax. It can make you a bit wobbly, especially if your not used to it.

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I mean the effects were fine, just it dizziness was coming in waves. I cant believe i used to take 600mgs in the hospital

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Yeah it does that. A hot sugary coffee can get rid of that :slight_smile:

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But it was so sudden and unexpected, how you are supposed like drive a car on it or go down the stairs? I only fainted 2 times in my life and its a big deal for me. I also slept for 26hrs after the dose. Im throwing all of the quetiapine i have into a bin, damn wit it

Did you ever take it with xanax before? Had similar reaction to it or was it better?

Nights when I take olanzapine and clonazepam I experience similar thing if I have to get up mid sleep to pee. I feel like sleeping while I am peeing. I might be dozing off while peeing. Next morning I am really groggy as well.

Dont know of they gave me any benzos at the hospital, i took off quetiapine quockly after thr hospital

I reacted badly to quetiapine too. It made my heart race and I felt giddy on it. Plus akathisia from hell. Hated it