I enjoyed a lot with the famous band


Hello to all, in our city are going to celebrating the Festival of our Saint Catherine. One of our favorite radio station DY RL Like FM radio creating a programs for the people who are listening their radio station and invited some Singers Band they are famous on television and they are actors too on the T.V. They came here to perform their songs. One of the JBrothers called a lady who will be use it as a props while he will be singing a love song, and no body goes to him so what I did I run to him and be his props on stage. The JBrothers singer hold my hands or we are holding hands, and it was so funny because he made jokes to me and to the people I laugh and I enjoyed. Then the JBrothers said oh don’t laugh because I am serious hahaha so I close my mouth and I hug him too. The JBrothers said, oh he also fought back to me and after I hug all the people in front of us was laughing very loud and shouting due. I act on stage with the JBrthers but to me its real hug and kiss that I gave to him and to his Brothers. I dance with the JBrothers too, and he bite the CD that he is going to give me and he was dancing around me, so what I did was I dance with him too and I bite the other end of the CD and the people was laughing very loud.

It was so funny though and I have had fun too. It was a good experiences in my life, I hug very tight with the two JBrothers with a kiss. Then I found another TV Host and a Radio DJ he is different I felt light and happiness with him, so I hug him very tight and I said to him I love you, and he said to me too that I love you too. Even my voices was change but I still enjoyed the things I was done. It was a good feelings to give happiness to other people which was I done that when I was in High School. I remember when I was in High School, we always gave performs on stage with my boyfriend before, and people are watching us are all laughing and shouting for excitements. Now I am happily married with the real Band Famous Band the JBrothers hahahaha. I was so happy to be with them. All my stress and anxieties in life was gone because I laugh and done a good things.

The same week, I was so stress because of the land papers problems that we are going to buy. But the owners of the land giving us a big headache and troubles in life, so what I done was I went to our lawyer friend and asked her advice what I am going to do. Then our lawyer friend told me, don’t buy that land because it is not your problems to make the papers works. You have the money and you are the buyer. Let them to do all the works so that their property will be sold out. My husband and I spend almost 50 thousand pesos of money because of the land survey and papers works but one of the land owners fought us and he raise the price from 120 pesos per sqm to 200 pesos per sqm. But I just hold back and I did confront the one owner of the land that our lawyer advice me not to buy your property now because of too many problems. So confrontations to the problems and prayers are helping me a lot to cope up my problems. Plus the JBrothers and our friends helps it makes my life easy now. It was so funny though and now I forget my problems I mean I let my problems to slide on behind my back. Let the God to fix our problems I trust to all to Lord Jesus and Mama Mary and I have to move on and it helps to me so much.

I believe in God to Lord Jesus and Mama Mary with all my heart and mind. It helps me so much. Especially now I am on 0.25 mg of respiridone. It means my recovery very good even the milligram of my medicine very low because of Lord Jesus and Mama Mary helps with the two Angels Saint Micheal Archangel and Saint Rafael Archangel. I praise to Lord Jesus and Mama Mary with the two Angels too for giving me courage to keep pausing my husband chest Graham Reinders so that he will breath again and now he have life back again. Graham Reinders still alive now kicking and breathing because of Lord Jesus and Mama Mary and the Two Angels, Saints Micheal Archangel and Saint Rafael Archanghel. God is good all the time and powerful and merciful, I praises his holy name and power and good work. Thank you for every things Lord Jesus and Mama Mary, the life of my husband, the pacemaker of my husband and the good health and blessings. For good relationships too, I am so thankful to you oh Lord Jesus and Mama Mary.

Hopefully many of you feel the same way. Thank you for reading my blog.


“Michael”. This is a sentence. It means “(he) who is like god.”

Supposedly, jesus is michael, they aren’t two different dudes. Jesus is he who is like god.

God is killing us all. He is going to kill me, you, your husband, all of us. He’ll drown you if he wants, like in a huge flood or something. He is the very creator of evil things and men. He created disease, disasters, wars, all of it really.

You a fan of demons? No? Well thank god for that one to. Once again he created everything, even demons.

Mary was nobody. No need to mention her anymore.

Why thank god for your husbands pacemaker when he is the one who created the disease in the first place. Did he create the problem just to fix it or something?

It was so obvious to. You can’t create something that does something other than what you made. They are the beings of source, they are the source of it all and it’s all their doing. You know they might be as crazy as us.