I embrace the hunger

I’m extremely hungry all day long. I thought I had to suppress it somehow and that isn’t a long term solution. Started looking at ways to eat a ton of food and still be healthy. Eventually came across bodybuilding and it’s tailor made for people who eat a ton of food. I’m not exactly sure if I consider myself a bodybuilder or not.

I eat around 3800 calories now. Been staying at the same weight for a while. A couple of bodybuilders admitted that bodybuilding isn’t very healthy. However, it’s way better than not exercising and eating junk food all day.

I most care about abs. Not so much the other muscles. I do work them out and they are getting much bigger.

I’m not exactly sure where I’m headed. If my appetite decreases I will lose a ton of weight. If my appetite increases I will slowly gain weight. I’ve noticed the more in shape I get the more I eat. I was at 3500 calories for a while now my body wants 3800 because my metabolism has gotten better.

Hope it works out :muscle::muscle::crossed_fingers:


I eat around 1500 calories a day…I’ve lost sixty two pounds within two years…I also exercise but only isometrics so far…I’ve still got a little belly and intend on doing calesthenics after I lose the rest of the weight by dieting.

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I was at 188lbs last October and felt at a good weight but then they put me on Zyprexa and Depakote and almost a year later I weigh 235. I feel like a giant land whale. They tell me to just eat less and exercise more but my motivation to do either is nil.

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How often do you workout?

When I was weight training the most I tried to loose weight aswell.

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I workout every day.

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