I emailed my Pastor

I emailed my Pastor because I don’t think anyone understands. It’s mainly concerning life, drinking, and religion. I think I’m being healed of my drinking. Staff at my psychiatric care provider think I’ve become a religious fanatic. I’m not going to AA anymore because all they seem to talk about is drinking and craving. I don’t drink anymore, and I no longer crave.


its one thing to possess views its another to bestow them onto others. perhaps its your delivery that warrents such judgement. Or perhaps its embodies itself as a form of mannia within you. Sounds like one of the things you need is to acheive balance, ill pray for you. Be sure to tell the priest of your disease you live with and the cross you bear. that is important in helping him to guide you in understanding for what you seek. be patient

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and congratulations for not drinking, that is very very hard to do

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