I either don't smoke at all or I chain packs

Thank goodness I just have 2 smokes left

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I’m sorry I totally understand…a pack of cigarettes used to last me about four hours. I stopped smoking almost a month now…day 27.


Have you tried vaping @bluerose?
I quit smoking cold turkey years ago.


Yes I try vaping, I don’t like it so I think I will just quit


I want to quit, but clearly not enough to actually do something about it.

I put together a list of coping mechanisms last year if anyone’s interested:

Walk around the block before each cigarette
Chew gum and wait for the flavor to leave before having one
Chew on a cinnamon stick
When smoking, just smoke, don’t do anything else
Make a list of reasons to quit or negatives of smoking (I have one, so we can compare notes!)
Smoke outside

That’s all I have so far. Does anyone else have any ideas?

I make three crosses in my calendar on the day i don’t have to smoke anymore. I am obsessive compulsive smoker.

WAY TO GO, @jukebox.

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Awesome that’s really inspiring!

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