I eat 2 servings of peanut butter a day!

20% daily value of vitamin e and 15 grams protein. and pretty cheap haha. but right now im binging on frozen blueberries. my fingers are blue stained haha.


Pretty nutritious! Good for you


I’m trying to bring up my levels of protein.
Since I’m working on veganism :sweat_smile:

I allow myself a generous helping of cashew nuts instead of the 28g sort of thing.

And I like my quinoa.

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yeah i love cashews. those and pistachios i could eat all day.

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I think cashews are an alright source of zinc. And iron. I think…

Those are harder to come by as vegans.

So that’s why I also like cashews.

Zinc is apparently important for the immune system.

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yeah dad made me watch a video about covid and the doctor said two things everybody should be doing is getting enough zinc and vitamin d for immune response.

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Have you ever tried a banana and peanut butter smoothie? Mmmm.
With a tablespoon of honey.


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