I earned my PhD!

In sleeping in. They let me by without a thesis because I slept in and didn’t write it. They took this as proof I knew my topic.


Congratulations Doctor ! :tada: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Emmmmm… watchup, Doc?

(:rabbit: :carrot:)


Congrats Doc!!!

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Got my bachelors at 4pm yesterday and my associates at 2pm today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Trust me i am a doctor.:thinking:

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a phd would be cool. My grades always sucked. As long as you go to a decent, well-respected, and accredited school, I don’t see the problem. I don’t care about elitism or anything. I respect a person more with a phd in a hard science or subject than someone with a phd in like education or teaching or something, no offense. I’m sure it’s all hard and stuff but I’ve seen some average people or even dumb people who think they’re hot ■■■■.

I’m more motivated by money anyways. Master’s seems the way to go. I couldn’t survive a phd program unless it was like in a soft science theoretically – probably without schizophrenia. I mean I’m sure there’s a standard deviation from a phd math princeton grad who is trying to be the next einstein and a phd math grad from an unknown school and even more standard deviations for other majors in terms of creative power and genius and being able to invent things pratically in my opinion.

they say math undergrad + cs masters = money — at least online lol.

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I have a university major degree, does that mean that my IQ is 115?

Depends on whether you were an average student or not. Could be higher. Could be lower.

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So if we sleep longer is more IQs ? ok i sleep

The relationship between chronotype and intelligence: the importance of work timing


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