I dug out my diary

This time last year I wrote almost exactly the same thing.

I can’t concentrate
Struggling to make decisions
Thinking a lot
Thinking about quitting my job


Bipolar disorder often follows seasonal patterns. That’s probably why you feel the same as you did last year at this time.

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It’s crazy and super interesting how this works. It lasted until around end of feb last year

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Yeah it is interesting. I was first diagnosed as bipolar many years ago. So I started reading all about it. I find it to be a fascinating subject. Even though I am diagnosed sza now. I consider myself half-bipolar and half-sz haha.

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Is sza a double diagnosis or is it a little different to bipolar? I don’t actually know that much about it.

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@anon80629714 sounds like groundhog day lol

Schizoaffective is one diagnosis. It consists of some symptoms of sz mixed with some symptoms of a mood disorder, either bipolar or major depression. It is kind of a hybrid between bipolar and sz, when you have aspects of both.

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try writing positive in your diary

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