I drove down town without my oxygen

I was only gone about 10 minutes but it went well and boosted my confidence. I’m hoping to dare myself to do more without the tank. Taking it slowly of course.


Driving without it seems scary. Are you bringing your portable tank just in case?

I’m happy for you @chordy!
Good going! :slight_smile:

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Should you be doing that ?! That sounds dangerous to me ?


oh chordy…why would you try that…tired of lugging around the tank no doubt…you need your oxygen…please take your tank with you from now on…we worry about you !! @chordy

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No, I had already done that and decided to leave the tank at home this time.

I did have the nurses permission. She just said I should go by my gut feelings.


Geez. That sounds a bit reckless chordy. Don’t play chicken with your health.

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Don’t forget that my lungs are clear of pneumonia now. I just have to battle a certain amount of copd.


As long as you were able to get back on it safely and nothing bad happened. I agree, that was kind of reckless, make sure to tell your doctor about it, and don’t do it again without permission from the doctor.

I’m sorry @chordy.
I misunderstood.
I thought that you’re doctor allowed you to do this.

Make sure you listen to your doctor.

glad your adventure went well @chordy Take good care of yourself.

No, some of the posters misunderstood. I did have doc’s (actually it was the visiting nurse) permission. You were right to be happy for me.

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It’s not a bad idea to keep oxygen nearby. I’m asthmatic and I always make sure I have an inhaler with me.

I’m happy your trip went Well! And since your doctor approved it that’s great! But if you ever aren’t feeling 100% sure about your air make sure to bring your oxygen!!

Cause breathing is good

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