I drove a car after 10 years

I feel pretty good-- after 10 years I drove a car for a few hours today.

This is symbolic as it means that there is some degree of control over things in my life again. Cognitive symptoms are surely reversing.


My cognitives also reversed.

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How? By themselves or you put effort and reversed them?

By themself. After years.

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That is good. I have been putting a lot of effort to see an improvement.

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Good for you. I bet that felt liberating. I drove recently after a year break. I was very anxious. But I did it.

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It was surely liberating as I felt in a cage not being able to drive.

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Good for you. Welcome back to the road. To me having a car and driving is freedom.

My job requires me to drive up to 10 hours a day, although most shifts are about 6-7 hours.

I’ve had my problems with schizophrenia but thankfully driving has never been a problem for me

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sounds great but dont crash, crashing is bad :slight_smile:

The 1st day I had my car license I scratched the car that was parked next to me because I didn’t knew the steering wheel had a full turn given and I didn’t notice soon enough.
I had a few crashes leaving parking spaces and most of them related to parking.
Never had a crash on the road tho

I had cognitive impairment symptoms long before any psychosis. They only reversed, temporarily, while I was hypomanic, and only during my first episode. I’ve recently had cognitive remediation therapy (CRT), but I’m sure yet whether it helped at all.


Congratulations! Definitely, there are areas we can definitely recover in as people.

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