I drink too much

I drink beer excessively. If I drink hard alcohol I become psychotic. Anyone have the same experience?

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If you are wanting to stop drinking check into a detox center so they can handle your withdrawals with you…good luck…I am grateful my drinking isn’t excessive.

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it is not good to drink too much although i think it is ok to have a drink sometimes but not too often, sometimes I drink vodka and rum but I haven’t drank since last Christmas because I cant buy alcohol yet and I don’t like beer at all

if you drink too much sometimes it is best to stop drinking altogether if it is causing problems for you most alcoholics cant just have an occasional drink because they will go back to their old ways

Sorry I created so many threads

Weed makes me psychotic … dont smoke weed…

Maybe you could try a non alcoholic type of drink! I love fruit ciders that are alcohol free, especially strawberry and lime :slight_smile:


Thats a good idea Spiderpig. Switching to Odouls could help break the habit.

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I do too. I enjoy it but have some limits…I have a max a day. I have a specific time where I don’t drink too. I only drink mid strength beer. I rarely drink alone…

If it’s a problem then you need to address it. Try some of the above and titrate down slowly…it can be problematic stopping abrubtly but it’s important to drink less and keep fitter.

A friend,


It’s been five months since I last drank. I need to quit because I am an out of control drinker. Also, these med’s don’t mix well with alcohol.


Sup crimby…??? What are u doing…,???

Not much. Like every weekend, I have got my sleeping schedule completely turned around. It is past 3:30 am here. I don’t really mind it. I like have the morning hours to myself. What r u up to?

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I tryed to take a small nap…but could …i am getting ready to have a lunch …may be some fruits and tea for a lunch…

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I became alcoholic the past 3 months. I limit my daily consumption to 8 beers a day. Occasionally I get depersionalasation but I don’t think it’s because of the alcohol (it happened with the same intervals when I wasn’t an alcoholic), it just that it is extra terrifying when I’m under influence of alcohol. I’m actually surprised my alcoholism hasn’t caused any issues on my symptoms though. In contrast, it’s actually helping me cope but I have to keep in mind this positive effect is only temporarily.

Consider going to Alcholics Anonymous . They helped me give up drinking. I couldn’t do it on my own.

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