I dreamt I was very

depressed again. I was depressed and sad that my father, mother, son, and brother were all dead and that my sister had to fight cancer and neurofibromatosis several times. Which is all true. (N.F. is a disease where you have spontaneous tumor growths throughout your body and sometimes they are cancerous and sometimes they are not). Anyway, my sister and I, in my dream, were crying on each other’s shoulders, sad about her cancer.

When I was asleep, I thought I was awake and depressed again. And I was sad about being depressed. When I woke up and was not depressed, I was so relieved. But, now, I’m afraid that the dream was an omen for the future. Meaning, I’m soon going to be depressed again.


no, nightmares can steal our peace…you won’t be depressed…I promise !!


Thank you for your assurance, @jukebox. I really feel fine now. I don’t feel depressed at all now. Just a little perturbed by the nightmare.

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I have nightmares and sometimes I am afraid to go asleep when the nightmares come frequently more than two a week…usually stress causes me nightmares…that and eating sweets before I go to bed.

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That would be terrible if eating sweets caused me nightmares. I love sweets too much.

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I don’t know if it actually caused my nightmares but I did eat candy before bed that night…

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Eating candy before bed causing nightmares was the whole premise of The Simpson’s second Treehouse of Horror episode. They all stuffed themselves with candy and the segments were based on their nightmares.

I wouldn’t worry about it being an omen. I’ve heard these dreams called “release dreams” because they allow you to release pent up emotion during sleep, particularly dealing with stressful situations that your waking mind tries not to think about.

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