I doubt I have schizoaffective

This was based on one observation:

He is poorly built appears to be fairly nourished, appropriately groomed, oriented ×3, mood was down and anxious, affect was appropriate, some paranoia, positive visual hallucination. No suicidal ideation.

He used this a justification for schizoaffective bipolar type

I really think it was more than that. That’s one day. One note.

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You really seem to be obsessing about this. Maybe it would do you some good to take a step back from it for a bit.


Yeah I know but It hard to accept

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And what do you think you have? Nothing? No illness at all?

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At least you have answers. A diagnosis is used as a tool. It doesn’t define you. You’re not your diagnosis.

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I doubt that I have sza too. I am full of doubt about many things really. I still come here though.

Sometimes I do. Maybe it is my mind playing tricks on me.

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Help I might quit my medicine

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