I don't want to travel to the Caribbean

I really don’t want to go and he’s planning to book the whole thing tomorrow. I fear flying and getting stuck there with covid with no meds. He really wants to go

I guess what I want to know is is my fear right or wrong.


I can see why you might be hesitant but i can think of worse things to do in the world, the only problem i would have with that is the long flight but i think its only 8hr or so.

if you take a good supply of meds and are careful maybe it will be ok, not sure how to deal with a fear of flying.

most of my trips were arranged well in advance so i can see why you are worried if its very short notice.


The only time I wouldn’t want to be in the Caribbean would be during a hurricane. Also there are places where you would need to stay away from gangs and drug smugglers. But I’ve heard that most of the Caribbean is breathtakingly beautiful. Definitely a treat to go and visit.


Maybe see if you can get an early refill just in case


After some thought I am going to go… I’m still scared though… but I will have insurance if anything goes wrong.

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Could be fun. Long as you are vaxxed covid should be a minimal worry.

Your fear is right but not withholding.


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Yes, make that trip. With the right outlook, it will make some good memories. Have fun and don’t worry too much. :wink:

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