I don't want to talk these people

I don’t want to talk to these people in my mind. What should I tell them? My problem is ruining my life.

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There are methods to resist intrusive thoughts.
Some methods I have already offered you.

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I will wear a light Panama hat tomorrow but I do not have the supplements, but drinking green tea. People are skewing with my thoughts.

To make them go away, you first need to recognise them as what they are: voices, not actual people.

I hope so @Miika. But they sound so real, do not why they are doing this to me? Want to go to school and no embarrassing thoughts, would like to do volunteering also. Would like to be more outgoing too like I am usually.

You need to not be afraid of your thoughts and feelings.

And voices do that, they sound real, that’s why people become so distressed and confused hearing them.

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