I don't want to take my meds but wish I had a prn to use

I’ve been contemplating my use on what I consider expired to the thought; Paliperidone or invega oral. Yet I have been in such anxiety when in the presence of an issue at home. My pdoc has yet to see me since the summer started. Even though I am in all requirements to sustain my antipsychotic med. I have no confidence in asking my pdoc for a prn I once used while in maximum security hospital. Which helped a great deal of the time while I was there. I asked for my prn back when I had been discharged but was declined with intention to keep me locked up if I were to use it. Stress is a factor and anxiety is ruining my relationship with my gf of 6 years. Any opinions or suggestions?

my pnurse said, if my hubby stresses me out for any reason. i have to put a letter on my bedroom door DO NOT DISTURB and then i have to get on my bed and bash the pillows and the mattress, until i collapse with exhaustion.

my hubby isnt allowed in the bedroom at all in this time

putting my music on at a different time as wel helps

and going out for a run at this time of night, the moon is out and the air is cool helps too.


hope your ok xxxxxxx

Thanks that actually helps except we have taken it to another level. I moved out 4 months ago to try and stabilize my disorder. In the meantime we stay together, just she has her place I have mine. The problem itself is a easy but nonetheless an issue.

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aww well me n hubby did same thing ive only just gone back to hubby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx after bening away for about a year xx

but these new things work at the moment xxx

hope your ok xxxxxxxxxxxxx

What are you on currently? I take an Invega oral and it works… okay. But I’m technically treatment resistant so.

I asked for prn anxiety med but was told no because of my alcohol usage and well just new literature about addiction. Used to take my ap as a prn but that didn’t work either. Now I am taking my vitamins that I tested low in, feeling better. B12, folate, d3 and k2

whats a prn? i dont know, is it an anxiety med?

Thats what I was assuming.

Prn just means as required. Usually it is an anxiety med. this could be a benzo or AP.


thanks, i made an appointment with my gp today bc i want to discuss the side effects from my pregablin bc its causing eye problems and tiredness while driving, i am hoping there is something else up his sleeve that can help.

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Hope you get something that helps. I am almost off my gabapentin. :ghost:

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how are you feeling?

Haven’t noticed any difference. I don’t think it has been doing anything for a while. Added some vitamins which maybe have helped. Not sure but feeling pretty good. Got psychology tomorrow.

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How are you feeling?

i feel pretty down on myself today even though i spoke to a few clients on the phone at my voluntary job (i was puting a face on it) spent a couple of hours at my friends house and came back and just had a hot curry, things are a bit mixed up just now but i am trying to deal with it, i feel ■■■■ tbh

ever since i had that dream this morning i’ve been down all day

Dreams can throw me too. Yesterday I had a bad few hours. Tried to meditate which helped a bit.

Is good you are keeping busy - must help.

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keeping busy does help a little bit, i even went for a 15min walk with my friend to try and unwind, it helped a bit and we had drinks in the cafe as well, the dream has just brought some things back up that i thought were buried and i think thats why its affected me so badly.

I want to start walking for recreation. I always feel better after and hopefully it will help shift some of this weight.

Hi I am on 9mg oral invega each night. I feel while being in certain atmospheres that I get to irritable and we’ll this is why I believe I need a prn such as larazapam. The only thing is that I used to have addiction issues with oxycontin and meth. Now it actually would be 4 years clean come Dec 1. I am part of judicial system for mentally ill with an incredible record for compliance to treatment. I currently have a job and my own place. I am just scared of asking for this prn med as it might reflect my internal issues and cause immediate access to treatment again.