I don't want to offend him but

Just yesterday, she had me rewire a light fixture that goes from the ceiling to the floor that had like multiple bolts and nuts holding the casings that hold the sockets on. THey are totally broke and rigged to hold it together, but she wants to keep it because “its old”.

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Yeah he keeps the boxes as well…and the dust these things collect, no wonder its kicking of his allergies,… he claims its cos im out in the countryside where he lives but no its the amount of dust.

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My father hoards food
Such a waste

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I’ve always allowed myself 2 boxes of keepsakes and this large cylinder storage bin for clothes that don’t fit anymore in case I can fit in them again. If it doesn’t have an organized reasonable space in the house, or can’t fit in the 2 boxes of clothing bin, I toss it. I’ve done that since I was a teen


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