I don't want to live

I don’t want to live

You don’t want to live at the moment
Hang in there :hugs:


I just hope to have peace of mind, the most important thing is to have peace of mind.


Same but we gotta stay strong man.

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It’s not easy achieving peace of mind but it’s worthwhile doing.

I’ve got half way there and i’m 47 and medicated. Take your medication…that is half the story!

After that it’s fine tuning it to work for you. It’s different but many do well round here…

hang in there…listen to @shellys12 . It passes quickly those bad times. Don’t be silly and wasteful!


I appreciate this word by you. The “right antipsychotics+supplement +some wisdom” will bring you the peace of mind. Humans do get illnesses at times therefore they need some particular wisdom to cope with their illness and identity as well. Take care!

I hope you will stay in this world long enough to feel the peace of mind you seek, it’s definately worth the wait.

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