I don't want to live anymore 3

help me please, my health problems make me not want to live anymore


Can you take a nap? That helps me

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are you in pain???

Symptoms are difficult to cope with sometimes,

Going outside for a walk helps me most of the time.

What have you tried?

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I sometimes wish my health problems would get worse so I won’t have to live any more. I get mild chest pains, and I sometimes wish a massive heart attack is coming.

Awwwww @crimby don’t you speak like that!!
You are a dear friend.
We should strive to live a long life, and live it to the best of our abilities,
even if our abilities are limited.


Keep fighting my friend, you’ll destroy these thoughts! :slight_smile:


i am sorry. i read another post of yours. i did not realize what you were going through.

Does talking here help you? Maybe a strong distraction from recurring thought?

Is there something you can do that requires an intense amount of concentration? would that provide at least temporary relief???

sorry you are going through this.

I want to bail out of life, I am tired of living.
I am sick and tired of living.

I can’t go on like this…
I desperately need help.

I feel that I can’t continueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I believe in you, Erez.

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Have u tried cbt…erez…!!! Try it once…i am soon trying this…after our great festivals…dashain…take care isreali heart throbe erez the son…

I feel like I can’t continue too!

I’m sorry you’re feeling sad Erez. It’ll get better!


Try taking a walk. Do you have any pets? My cat n dogs help me.

I find life is more interesting when you " keep up" with it. Do new activities with changing weather, watch the news, keep in touch with family members, go on outings, etc. Do something that inspires you to live. A job won’t necessarily change your mental situation, though it’ll help you out financially.


I feel the same …motherduck this life. …!!!

Hugs to you @Erez_Shmerling. You’re loved and respected here.


Take care @Erez_Shmerling :v:

  • from Montezuma, a loving friend in the struggle :heart: