I don't want to hear about your stupid psychosis

i went to a psychologist over the winter, he told me that. I didn’t go back. But, quite frankly, now that I’ve been through this whole process, I agree, I know it makes you feel better to talk about it, but I don’t want to hear it. it’s your brain, broken. probably your immune system keeping the acetycholine from transmitting the correct information, I know, I’ve been there. What do others think?

@nicehat if your saying you are tired of listening to your own psychosis, I’d say that means your closer to getting better.
I love to write down all my things going on in my head so that it don’t come out my mouth and bore anyone.
This site is the next best thing for me, because I don’t have to go back and reread my stuff, which is probably the last thing I want to do.

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Lesson learned, if someone is having trouble then listen.

Never say “dude, you are harshing my buzz, it’s boring me to death listening to your problems.”

Got it. Iisten, soothe the burn, offer help if you can.

Thanks for the info.

Everything is relative. One gains, while another one loses.

So if you become and remain a selfish S.O.B. and thus not want to here of another persons problems, then you gain even more for your despicable self, while at the same time the other persons condition becomes even worse as a consequence.

Unfortunately in today’s world this is an accepted everyday event practiced by so many.

In this case the truth is brushed under the carpet by classifying a psychosis as merely a form of “Stupidity”.

In short, a lot of folks are just too damn weak to handle the truth.

“Stupid” psychosis? Coming from someone who doesn’t have sz you’re sounding a lot like a troll. Dial it back.


wow, you can really be a jerk! @Malvok it’s almost humourous if not more annoying

Who was Malvok referring to?

I was referring to NiceHat who says he/she doesn’t have schizophrenia.