I don't want to google it


I hate when I ask around about something I want to know an answer to, who sings that song, or anything else and everyone recommends, “Google it.” Isn’t there anything to learn from other people.


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my memory is damaged. I don’t recall things very well…

The web is a good starting place.


it is scary, in more ways than one. i think human brains will continue evolving, and we will lose small parts of our brains that deal with memory every 50 years or so


Also, I don’t know anyone’s phone no. Keep thinking I should write them down. But my handwriting has gotten so poor - I often can’t read it.


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We are socializing in a new fashion. we are cyborgs…are phones are our mechanical elements “built into” our bodies. I think as a collective culture we believe technology is making us more Human, since it makes the world smaller and allows us to communicate instantly. but its the opposite. while communication is easier, we are saying all of the things we want to say in real life through the phone and then are left wondering what to talk about. also, we are obsessed with the concept of NOW and are becoming super impatient.


I am constantly using Google for almost every question that comes my way - I kind of like it