I dont want to be here

not this forum, i mean this body with this history with this illness in this room. I ■■■■■■■ don’t want to be here. but of course, there’s no escaping one’s self.


Don’t give up. You are significant


I’m sorry nomad is anything in particular making you feel this way?

intrusive, racing, ruminating thoughts at all times


I’m sorry you are feeling that way. I hope things get better for you soon.

I can relate to those feelings, especially when I have had akathesia. I literally wanted out of my own skin. Terrible feeling come in many forms, sadly.

Hang in there–it will get better!


Sorry you are feeling this way, I am too, it’s a miserable way to feel.

sounds like anxiety…you can focus on something like a stone in your hand or fix your gaze on a picture or painting…if you can buy flowers and stare at those…I bet you will feel better.

Hey I’m really hearing wat u are saying
Hope the symptoms improve for you ovèr time, just keep that hope.

I have intrusive thoughts all the time, but I just ignore them…

Doesnt the medication make you feel better? I mean is the bad feeling from sz or its psychological? Maybe its a good idea to pour your heart out to the professional. This bad feeling could stem from some kind of dissatification of something in you life.

For example i cant get a date cause i have sz. Im not saying its the case with you but something like that.

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