I don't want electric cars

I want to pump gas in my car…I can’t afford an electric car !!

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How do people like me drive an electric car when you live in an apartment building with no electrical hookup?

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I’m interested, but am holding off for now. Might go test drive a Chevy Volt this weekend.

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My roommate has a Tesla. It’s cool, I’ve ridden in it before. But I would never own one myself, I could never afford it.

I never thought about that if I lived in an appartment, true lol

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I have a dog in the hunt…my inheritance depends on oil and gas prices…

If we go electric, we’re going to cover the roof of our next home in solar panels and also throw some windmills in the back yard to take advantage of the near constant breeze. That should take care of most of our commuting needs.

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The infrastructure to setup abundant electric charging stations at every city block, at every home or at every gas station is not there yet. The economies of scale where technology succeeds another technology is not there yet. Similar to how cable modems & DSL modems replaced touch tone dial-up for Internet access, gas pumps will be replaced with electric charging stations.

I would never have considered electric 10 years ago, but the Battery Technology an engine design itself has made leaps forward with Tesla

We are on the verge of mass production of the electric car, so watch the prices come down


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