I dont want a gf

reallly when the girl of my dreams rejected me, it sealed my fate of never having a girlfriend in my entire life. she was my first love but my only love. i dont want a gf ever it doesnt seem worth it. no one can ever live up to her expectations. she doesnt realize how much i truly loved her, but oh well. im happy alone. all i need is turkey vultures


That should pass with time. You never know when you’ll meet another who suits your liking. I’ve came across 3 girls in the last few weeks that were all pretty day able. That’s more then I’d seen in years since coming down with this stupid ■■■■■■■ illness. Ah ■■■■ just pissed myself off.


Turkey bacon has less fat but it’s expensive.

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Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

It’ll last till the next girl tickles your fancy.

Just give it some time and don’t do anything rash in the meanwhile.

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Idk I can’t imagine it. but if you say so.

theres this girl at work i like a lot but i dont wanna make her my gf.

i feel the “hype” of that first girl is something that could never be lived up to…im not sure

I can relate though. When I got cock blocked from my college dream girl. “Not this one Bryan” she was actually taking to liking me too the ■■■■■■■ assholes. Ah well can’t go back. It passes buddy. I totally understand though.

its been 6 years though im still not over her.

Well man I’d hold onto the memories for as long as they last. I can’t remember very much at all about my past.

Yeah man the first is always the most important seeming. From there though it’s about taking what you know and finding someone who you can truly get along with.

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Hello turn

should this statement say your expectations and not hers.


It depends on if you believe in soul mates i.e. that there’s only one perfect girl or guy for each person. Many people fall in love multiple times. And these people can love each new person as strongly as the previous one. You don’t really know if there’s a girl out there who you can love just as much (or more) than the first one until you open up your mind to the possibility that you can still find a new girl to love. But hey, whadda I know? I’ve never been truly in love. I’ve strongly liked certain girls and had infatuations but never long term love.

We’ve all been there before my friend. Think of it as her loss, not yours.

Hello 77nick77

I have been with over 50 different women in my lifetime and never found love just sex till I meet my wife. For some reason she was the one for me, I still think she cast some sort of spell on me because I was never lonely nor in need of a constant companion but she swept my heart away so yea I do kind of believe in soul mates a little.


First loves always hold a special place in a persons heart. But there’s plenty of girls

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When I finally stopped looking for a girlfriend… is when I ended up with one.

It happened so slowly… Just friends for a while… Now… more then friends.