I don't vibe with everyone

But when I do its genuine


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No one gets along with everyone. Welcome to the human race, LOL


There is certainly a thing as

‘‘there is more than meets the eye’’

I get along with almost everyone but I show very few people the real me. I have a genuine respect for people who are brave enough to be themselves.


I guess I need 2 open up more

Time will tell

Either way I ain’t worried

Just being myself is enough


That’s an strong insight. I don’t vibe with everyone either.

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I don’t vibe with everyone. I don’t expect to anyways.

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I mean we should try to get along with everyone right, but inevitably people like people who are like themselves so, naturally you’re going to get more enjoyment out of people who are similar to you. More pleasure out of their company because they’re will be less disagreement and argument which is displeasurable.

So naturally you’ll like being around some people more, but we have to fight that urge and learn to love everyone equally.

That’s my $5 hobo advice

Anybody else? I could use the money :moneybag:


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