I Don't Understand

I’m back in an ER. My psychologist told me to get seen again asap. My psychiatrist isn’t back until 20th so he can’t fix my meds. I don’t know what hospital I will end up in, probably Buffalo or Rochester - I heard Brylin is good. I’m in the wide wilds of NY so the only real options are there. NYC and Albany are a bit further.

Invega shots are doing g NOTHING. Maybe something- fast cycling through all my worst symptoms.


That’s too bad hopefully you can get back on track soon and wish for a speedy recovery

Sucks i wonder why they told you asap

well I hope you get the help you need…glad you are taking care of yourself.

And out again. Different place with better care. Back on my Risperdal but combined with Invega. Feel a lot better!

ZombieMombie, I’ve been waiting for you to post here so I could apologize for my behavior a few days ago. I’m sorry about that. There are no excuses.

@crimby Hey, no problems here. Seriously, I don’t have one with you. You’re all good.

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