I dont understand

My pc had been hacked, the person who did this used to delete all my progress in games and replace it with bizarre names. No one believes me, but my brother saw this and it happened to him too. Then all my pets died in terrible ways in my house, (one fish had been cut in the middle with a knife) I recorded who did this and was a neighbour, I had him on camera oh god he was a weird stupid old son of a great bitch psychopath, but my cellphone with the recording has been stolen. Do you think this caused my illness? It happened the same year I become psychotic, now I have strong desires and intrusive thoughts of kill him, but I dont want to waste my life in that way… I forgot to say 3 months later I had my first psychotic breakdown

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It may have sped up a trigger, bit I don’t think it single-handedly caused it. And even then there’s no real way to know.


Stress usually brings out the underlying symptoms of psychosis. It’s hard to draw a bow as too what causes it. I had insidious onset…that meant I slowly slid into psychosis. It wasn’t an abrupt thing- it was a slow disintergration over a couple of weeks or longer.

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