I dont understand why im having thoughts of suicide

thanks who can i chat with

Okay i found a site i can chat with a counselor about my thoughts of suicide.

Escitalopram max dose helps with my suicidal ideation

There was a woman on here who was in the trial for caplyta and she had to come off it because of suicidal ideation.


I’m having suicidal thoughts too. I’m sorry.

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I just talk to a counselor about my suicidal thoughts, i feel little better, and more in control. If you having these thoughts go chat with a proffesional it really helps. dont deal with it alone. its a very serious issue.


I’m glad you talked through it with a professional. Good job! I know it’s not easy to do.

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my suicidal thoughts went away… not sure why they went away so i can’t say what i did…

i hope you feel better soon though =(

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Thanks guy, yea i feel better, im not going to go through with it, just having thoughts thats all.

Oh man I saw this I hope the others cheered you up. What got you down did you feel what you were doing was pathetic or something? Was there a reason for it?

One thing we must remember, is that there’s a big difference between suicidal ideation and actually having a plan.

I think you’re okay, we all have these moments. But yes, you really should talk to your therapist about it

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I was having random thoughts of death and dying. Depression medicine knocked that right off. I don’t know if it will be the same for you, or if you’re on one already (barely skimmed the post) but I want you to know that depression medicine can help a lot. It may not seem like it at first for the first two months, but generally if its the right medicine it will help elevate your mood a bit.

I was on the SSRI, Effexor but it caused so many side effects I had to stop taking it. 5-HTP seems to work very well for me, it converts into both serotonin and melatonin depending on what you need.

WARNING: 5-HTP does not mix well with SSRI medications, it is quite dangerous. Do not try anything without talking to your doctor first

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