I don't understand what's happening

I was alone in the room and felt an explosion of rage and fear. It felt like i was surrounded by enemies and i was ready to fight them. Then all of a sudden it’s like my fire went out. I am currently very weak physically, it takes great effort to move my body and it feels weird to do so. My limbs feel heavy and floppy and strange. It is hard right now just to hold my phone and type. I saw a strange smoky red light that was stronger in one eye than the other. I feel very lightheaded and cannot really think or focus. I don’t know what is happening to me right now and I’m scared. Why are my muscles so weak? They are literally fatiguing right now holding the phone and typing. Oh my gosh.

Wow, go to the ER.

Be well.


Yeah I’d be getting checked out so as to rule out heart or other issues. Sounds scary and something that needs investigation.

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I never have gotten muscle weakness in my life before. It just started happening like this past week. Usually right after I would wake up. Once I was weak enough to where my bf had to help me sit up. But this attack is totally random and it is pretty severe as well.

Did you go on a new drug shortly before?

Yes seroquel. I just took it a short while ago.

But I was on seroquel in the past and it never caused this.

Sounds something weird. I’d be getting checked out if it’s been happening a bit. Is your heart rate elevated or different? I’m no doctor but that isn’t normal.

yeah my heart rate runs chronically fast because of one of my meds thats a stimulant. It also causes me to get palpitations sometimes too. I actually had a cardiac study done on me a year or two ago because i had a scare with it interacting with another med but they didn’t find any issues then.

I will definitely bring this up w a doctor.


Strength in my left arm is back to normal. Left leg is improved but still a bit weak. Right side is still totally weak and hard to move. Bwuhhh.

Man, that could be a stroke. Scared for you!

Not a stroke, did a quick check ( i am a nurse) no lopsidedness on face or anything. Strength has now fully returned to my right side as well. My head feels clear again and I feel normal.

The weakness just went away like that. Crazy. I was dealing with it for probably an hour.

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Cool down girl I know it’s irritating right now being with all these new feelings. Though try to hang on there we all here for you and don’t forget your not the only one.

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Do you have a muscle disease? I have muscular dystrophy and your symptoms sound very similar to me.
Please see a neurologist!

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