I don't understand - is it one jaw or one jaws

Is a set of jaws one jaw? English ! @#%&

“Blackbird singin’ in the dead of night”. Take these broken wings and learn to fly".

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One jaw is a single jaw. You have a “set of jaws” when you have two, unless you are the alien from the movie Alien and you have more than two.

When an animal “has you in its jaws” it’s usually two. Like the shark “Bruce” from the movie “Jaws”.

Jaw can also be a verb. So the shark from “Jaws” might jaw you with its jaws.

Isn’t English fun?

Does “The jawbone of an as*” ring a bell? The bible or something?

Yeah some biblical dude beat up some other dudes with the jawbone of an ass. I forget who it was maybe Sampson.

Why isn’t it “an animal has you in it’s jaw”? Is jaws a plural and if so what is it a plural of?

You have to have two jaws to hold anything. A single jaw isn’t much good unless it has something to work against. That’s why they are usually talked about in pairs or sets.

ok. I had thought that the jaw was only the moving part of the mouth. So, the upper teeth are also part of the jaw.

“Jaws” died a few years ago. The James Bond villain.

The lower jaw is called the mandible or jawbone, I’m not sure the upper jaw has a name. They also talk about jaws of tools like pliers or a vise and there each jaw is pretty much the same.