I don't trust myself to be dependable

When I go to the gym, I often take one of my housemates with me so she can do some shopping. Then I pick her up after my workout. My fear is that I’ll forget her and go home without her. I have probably taken her with me 50 times and haven’t forgotten her yet, but the fear remains. While I’m working out, I obsessively remind myself not to forget her. I am really annoying my own mind. Any suggestions?

Write a little note on your hand to remember to pick her up.

That’s the first thing that came to my mind too.

Put a reminder on your cellphone. Im sure it has that ability. Most cellphones have a calendar which allows reminders. If it doesn’t have that, you can just set your alarm on your phone. Hope this helps.

I bought a medium whiteboard calender + dry erase marker at the dollar store. Works well. :calendar:

To all of you, I have tried the reminders you suggest and like I said, haven’t forgotten her yet. The problem is the fear, not the actuality. I have a fear of being forgotten, myself. Maybe that’s it.


to beautiful chordy,
so that i do not speed in the car during holidays when the police are out in force i stick a note on my steering wheel with packaging tape , works everytime to remind me.
as for the fear how about hypnotherapy.
take care

When you enter your gym, picture the face of the person on the handle of the door you will exit at the gym before you pick them up. This will free up your mind to not have to keep it in the front of your head so to speak.
This will work with anything you don’t want to forget, just visualize the item on the handle of the door of your final exit, and the image will pop into your head to remind you not to forget it before you leave.
It really works.