I don't think the first child gets called a mistake

but the second one surely does. I’m just making a vast generalization because that’s what happened to me.

I was the first. And a mistake. But for different reasons.

No child is a mistake.
What may lead to conception may be between the parents but that’s their mistake, not the childs.
And parents need to be responsible for any mistakes they make.
Kids shouldn’t suffer because of it.


It’s partly society’s fault for making child rearing complex.

I wasn’t called a mistake. I was called a surprise.

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I was late, the unexpected surprise when my mom was 39. My three siblings were over ten already. I got in the way of my parents’ pilgrimage to Israel, but then my mom called me her Israel.

That’s because if the first one was seen as that, there wouldn’t be a second one to notice.