I dont think my doctor cares about me

I dont think my doctor cares about me very much. It might be stigma. I had high blood pressure and cholesterol and he didnt prescribe meds for it. I am 30 years old.


Maybe try changing dr.

My boyfriend had a dr I felt discriminated him for having mental illness etc .

He had a serious lung infection and already has emphysema on top of that and he sent him home with out any medication or tests.

Thankfully my partner was introduced to a new dr where I live and he sent him to have tests taken and gave him antibiotics and really takes care of him.

What a difference!

It’s important to feel ones dr cares for one .
Atleast does what they are supposed to do as such.

I had a few drs I felt didn’t like me.
One I felt hated me.
Thankful I got away from them.


I hope you found a good dr @SacredNeigh7

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Thank you @Rainstorm :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you find a good one too.

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It took a while but i found a medical doctor here in my town who really seems to care. Maybe it was cuz he was a nurse for a long time before he went to med school. But he really listens and doesn’t act real dismissive when i tell him I’m having physical problems. And he doesn’t just dismiss my psych symptoms either. I’ve had him now for 4 years and he’s a keeper! (He’s the one who just diagnosed my COPD and gave me sample inhalers which he knew my insurance wouldn’t cover).

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Get someone to come with you. Like a friend or family member. It really does help.

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I think that is rare to find right doctor …
I am on meds 24 yrs ,and only one was good,and others almost despise their patients…

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My pdoc cares but my GP doesn’t at all. I think he would be happy to lose me as a patient.

I think I should look out for a new GP.

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@Rainstorm , it’s time for a new dr.

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When I tell my pdoc I don’t want something he does what I say. Can’t ask for more


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