I don't think I'm schizophrenic today

I think I have had depression with psychotic features. This is not presently my diagnosis it is shchizoaffective. Before that sz. Before that bioplar. Before that MPD. Before that depression.

It’s my diagnosis of myself for today. Of course I"m wrong. OF course the meds are the same so what does it matter.

I had a great day today got the first fishing license of my adult life goes to show how long since I fished. I think my improvements began when I started antidpressants additionally, not when I started antipsychotics alone.

Well it is what it is and I"ll never unlabel myself anyhow.


Good for you glad to see your making progress. It’s a battle every day to see If I get better.

Oh wow have a grand time fishing! I can’t put the worm on the hook! Need the artificial stuff. Hey continue to have better days! I was diagnosed with a lot of mish mash disorders too and never schizophrenia, but here I talk on a schizophrenia forum! Just enjoy your life please, I know you will! I hope the meds work for you! Thanks.