I dont think im going to therapy

Trust me i know that sounds bad but i had an idea.
I dont wanna go to therapy because i dont know how to hide my symptoms and i dont want her to hospitalize me. Like i just know i can get over this with a medication increase and i really dont need the hospital for that.
Instead of going to therapy i can go to the gym. Ive been wanting to go anyway and it helps me feel better. So it is in a way therapy.
Im just way too anxious to see my therapist right now.

Everything is therapeutic honestly😶

But going to therapy can help you cope better with any idiosyncratic dysfunctions you are having difficulties with. A therapist can light awareness to the distal environmental factors that are causing distress to your mental health.

I think it will do good for ya and can direct you to good tactics that meds dont cover in my opinion

I would go but i just think shell try to hospitalize me and i really cant do that. Ill go after my psychiatrist does a med change and i start feeling better

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I don’t see why she would forcibly hospitalize you unless you are blatantly dangerous to yourself or others. She might recommend you, but at that point it’s your choice to be inpatient at a hospital

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I read they can hospitalize you if you cant take care of yourself

I mean I think that’s when your fully submerged in delusional beliefs and the level of function is very low, can’t eat can’t walk… etc but reading that your going to gym, I don’t see it as a problem :no_mouth:

I cant eat. I honestly probably cant go to the gym. Just wishful thinking i guess. I cant go if i havent eaten much in days anyway. I didnt think that one through.

You are a bad place right now. You need to reach out to somebody. Maybe you could tell your counselor some of your problems, and say you are not suicidal.

I used to hate going to therapy until I found a really good therapist.
Now I look forward to her helping me.

I like my therapist a lot. Shes awesome. I just think shell hospitalize me

If you need hospitalization then let it be.
It’s best to be honest with your therapist.

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I dont wanna be dishonest thats why im skipping therapy

She can recommend and encourage you to go, but she can’t put you on a hold unless you’re an immediate danger to someone. If you can get to your appointment on time and talk through your problems, she won’t have a reason to think you’ll be a danger.

Yes, it’s not good how many symptoms you’re having, but that’s not a reason to forcibly hospitalize you. She would just really encourage you to go voluntarily. But it’s your choice.

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When do you see your pdoc for a med change? Can you call and get an emergency appointment?

By not going you are not being honest with yourself.

I cant use the phone to call due to anxiety so i emailed my case manager about it. Im waiting

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you feel too anxious to see your therapist right now, but maybe if you would go you would feel better. I don’t think you have to fear being hospitalized… they will only do that if you are a danger to others or yourself.

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