I don't think I'm doing this right

Someone told me about blood levels or whatever here. Do I have to take them all at different times? I’m confused. I follow the label. Build up in your bloodstream.

I’ve been in mental places twice already I’m tired of the disorganization. Seriously what is going on experiences welcome.

I really don’t know about blood levels expect my blood sugar levels. If you find out about blood levels affecting sz please let me know

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I try to take meds same time everyday. I have found routine to be really good. If you eat with them then do that everyday etc. I’d assume that your getting good levels if your consistent with what time you take them!

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Some meds are assessed by a blood draw. Perhaps that is what was meant?

what medication you on only clozapam is measured with bloodwork

I take my meds net 9-10am. Then 9-10 pm. I try to eat with it.

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That’s exactly what you should be doing. Keep at it.

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He discontinued clonazpam

And how are you feeling with the med change?