I dont think i am ill

i am somehow connected with ppl passionate with this technology for 10 years now
i wonder if this passion will come to end

Me neither! I think the last 40 years since I got diagnosed has all been a gigantic misunderstanding. I should never have been in the hospital for 8 months and medicated for the past 40 years. The group homes were huge mistakes too. I think all my problems started from a bad can of tuna fish. I eat one sandwich and had a bad reaction and suddenly I’m I’ll?

No, the dozen doctors have to be wrong.


sorry for you
i feel i am pushed to believe that
i am in massive mistake that happened and happening and it must stop
really sorry for everything

Sounds like you have anosognosia,
A lot of schizophrenics do.

People do get misdiagnosed.

I am aware of that.

No need to apologize. And my post was just a stupid joke, don’t let it affect you.

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