I don't see @Daze today


Haven’t see @Daze all day sad face did she gets banned? always lightens the mood she does I mean


It’s Thanksgiving day in America, lots of people are away today.


Right right turkey yum yum


Her activities on here trigger me too.


I’m sure she’ll be back soon.


Still no @Daze the plot thickens


I’m sure she’ll turn up. @Daze has always seemed like a survivor to me.


She may just be taking a break. She does that sometimes


I’m sorry to do hear that

what can I do to help?

thanks you guys, for thinking of me.

Yeah, @FadeToBlack pissed me off.

But I’m over it.


Sorry @Daze If you want I will not comment on your posts again :frowning:


I don’t even remember, no big deal

yeah, comment away on anything.


Ok, well I will try not to post anything again like that. I was teasing but the thread I remember now was a bit nuts so I was just piling in on it all.


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