I don't need a winter coat

I’ll be dead before I get the coat. Upstairs idiots have a hitman. They’re trying to get us to move by stomping throwing things.

I’d say if they don’t like us they can burn in hell. Move meth heads move. You’re the problem

Please don’t say you will be dead. I know your going through a tough time. When I lived in an apt I had the same thing. Tenant above stomping an causing a lot of noise. It only got better when I ignored him so he had nothing to feed on.


I would bet a million dollars that your upstairs neighbors don’t have a hitman.

So don’t think you’re getting out of buying that winter coat! :snowflake:


Am I being paranoid or delusional or both? I haven’t took my meds yet. 9pm

I think you might be. I don’t think anyone is trying to kill you. And if your neighbors are making a lot of noise upstairs it’s most likely because they’re inconsiderate, not that they’re targeting you.


Yes moving furniture everyday is normal.

Have you complained to your landlord? It might not get anything done at first, but if other people also complain, and the complaints build up, you might be able to get them out of there. If nothing else, it will make the cops more sympathetic to you regarding your upstairs neighbors.

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No because that bitch in the office is friends with them.

Maybe its time to talk with your pdoc and get an adjustment @roxanna.

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I go to my pdoc Friday.


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