I dont like social medias anymore and advice on phone

I have to write about this cause i get anxious as hell.
Facebook,instagram, i feel like I have no privacy,
And if i put up something it mostly ends with me deleting it…i feel someone is after me and look at What i do… And im a person that wants privacy…should i delete Facebook instagram…
I cant just stop being on internet cause i need my mail, look up some things…
Anyone got a suggestion on a smartphone that isnt so smart? Or how i can change this lifestyle?
I have a computer too, that i can use.

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Delete all your social media. I did it and I am so glad I did.

You havent regret it?
Do you have advice on a Phone?

No, I dont regret it at all. I dont really have a problem with phones, if you are not on social media all the time you probably wont use it much.

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The only social media i use is this site. Got rid of the likes of facebook . It only caused me grief.


I just deleted my instagram and did my smartphone “dumber” there was an article.
I also deactivated Facebook.

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I use incognito mode on my phone, searches, forum bc of similar reasons. I also have an alias for facebook etc

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