I don't like myself

I’m tired of it. I’m becoming a shut in slowly. I’m sick of worrying about ■■■■■■■■ and their threats. Do it then you’ll be saving my time of bridge jumping. I can’t even enjoy life anymore. It’s this constant crap in my head. People and their nonsense. I’m not living for them so it’s about damn time I ■■■■ and get on with my life.


I hear you. I barely go out. I avoid people and my stupid neighbors talking trash about me.

One passed my apartment and said “he’s a nutcase” about me. Another one didn’t say hello when I said hi. They can talk about me but they can’t talk with me. Fu-cking morons.

But if someone makes a threat I’ll Fu-ck them up. They don’t dare.

Just ignore them the best you can.

I hope you feel better soon @roxanna!


you are just ill…I wish they could stabilize you…you and @CoCo both deal with delusions all the time…good luck …be honest with your pdoc…have you tried generic prolixin? fluphenazine. I love this med.


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