I don't like chinese new year

I don’t like Chinese new year this year…its bringing down my confidence because we visit so many people and I feel quite uncomfortable that I don’t talk and contribute but I make eye contact that is awkward…its not a good new year

Not having a good attitude these day for chinese new year

Can’t you just not visit people so that you avoid feeling bad? Which is more important, to see people and feel unconfortable or to feel good and to not see people?

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I don’t know this would happen,it’s not very bad it’s just that I feel tired now,hopefully I feel better tomorrow,it’s a bad day

Your right,I know that I rather be alone and feel good,than feel bad and be with lots of people I know this meaning…

Yeah, that’s true. Especially if you have agoraphobia or you think people are mean like I think. We must try our best to be well, whatever happens.

i can relate to the feeling but it isn’t really important for you to say anything. If you don’t have much to say don’t say anything at all. Work on being silent and confident. This should pass with time.

Good luck gtx.

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