I don't like being told Im high functioning

Because the struggle feels real


The struggle is real ish…


I’m medium functioning.

I don’t like being told i’m in full remission for the same reason (I think i’m in partial remission as I still have negative symptoms and sleep problems)

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I think I’m still on the road to being “high-functioning” again. At the same time, tho, my creativity is low. I suppose my insight or perceptiveness about people is keener than a month ago. I question people’s motives which may be a bit evil here and there. My characteristic cynicism is back after a hiatus.

They’re compatible.

I hated that my case worker was calling me treatment resistant just because the criteria for that is having two unsuccessful trials of AP’s

I have been on 5 different AP’s now and I don’t get why all of a sudden I am this and need Clozaril

As for the high functioning bit, I am probably very high up on that spectrum, but it doesn’t mean things are less difficult, I just force myself to just get on with things and not let this beat me. I fight it all the time but it’s been a while now and although I grow tiresome of it all, I will keep going for my family.

I think needing assistance at home to allow me to keep my independence precludes my being high functioning. That and never having worked/ having a very poor social network outside of family. Yet I’m not so low functioning that I’m living in a care/group home.

oh mood !!! ive never really liked Functioning labels, it feels like it discredits a lot of ppl cuz like u said, yr still struggling even tho u get passed off as high-functioning! happens to me a lot too :hearts: :hearts:

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