I dont know what to do with my life

It just drags by slowly busy eating my soul


go get a lovely pet , wallafish. I know working full time and then so tired to do anything positive and interesting to lift up your sprit is very hard for you. This is machine like life. You need to adopt and raise a pet such as a cat. Then you will feel much better after work.

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Hear dat. Been wide awake since two. Why did this disease chose us? I’d rather see rainbows and unicorns instead of darkness and storms. I don’t know what future holds in Medicine…wouldn’t a good regimen be wonderful


@anon20318121 Make a plan


I like your avatar… me too I have no motivation to do anything


Raising a pet or growing one or two houseplants will bring some liveliness to your place. Also this will add to your credit and attractiveness, because a man who is able to look after a pet or a houseplant will be able to look after a partner.

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Get hobbies, @anon20318121. I have many interests and hobbies to keep me busy: yoga, meditation, piano playing, reading, prayer, volunteering, friends and family, this website, for examples.

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Totally agree…hobbies. Personally if I don’t try to do something it allows me to think and feel sorry for myself. Luckily I have two wonderful stray dogs that make life worth living

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