I don't know what it is

Hey guys, today i went to work as usual. As soon as i arrived, i started my work. And this it where it started. When i was about to pass a file to one of my workmate, I didn’t see my other mate who was in front table of the one to whom i passed the file. When i was passing by the table, i saw the chair empty and when i walked back after giving the file, i saw the other workmate in the chair. I asked her how she suddenly popped out of air. She mentioned that she was there since before and I looked at her and just walked by. I thought she was joking but she said she wasn’t. The time i walked back to her table was just few seconds. May i know is it some kind of disorder or just normal? Why did i see the chair empty? and sorry about my english, I am still trying to improve.

Really doesnt sound like a symptom of the disorder to me. Sounds more likely to be a mistaken observation. Either that or they were messing with you. It sounds relatively benign to me.


You possibly just wern’t paying attention and was thing of something else at the time.

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what a relief!!! thanks~~

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is it normal to see a chair empty when a whole human body was sitting on it? I am worried coz i experienced it for the first time.

Maybe you imagined it