I dont know what is to be ok already since years

I am fed up by all of the comments on the forums that I am a bad case of schizophrenia. that I never feel fine and that I don’t struggle… but I only feel my pain in my head…I cant think…I am worried by it…
yes,ive tried all the aps on the market,i did just that for the last 7 years…I don’t see anyone anymore, I don’t feel pleasure etc…how to have back my emotions?ive always been ill,since child… I look terrible,fat and tired and without the fire in my eyes…
yes,i am dumb and probably I don’t have emotions…its not a depression,ads make me crazier…
I am telling myself that at the time, ive shouldn’t gave upand ive should have fighten stronger insetad of having deal with the psychiatry…but maybe I am wrong, when you are ill, you are ill…
I wanna feel pleasure for god sake…and instead of this, I just focus on my interior life and it hurts…
otherwise, here I am… ill die like this, lonely and apathetic…

I feel the same way

Some people on here have probably suffered more than you and some people on here have suffered less. It’s hard to compare but the bottom line is that probably a 100% of schizophrenics have suffered because of this disease. You have a lot of problems and it seems like you have anger issues, but so do many other people.

We all got dealt bad cards. Some of us are luckier than others and we can do more and function better than other people with our same disease. But that doesn’t make us better than anyone else or superior. There’s infinite variation in human beings, schizophrenic or not. Some people are born with gifts that others don’t have. Some are taller, better looking, smarter, stronger etc.

Well, it’s the same with schizophrenics. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and gifts. I work on being a fair, good person; on here, and in real life. The rest of my family does the same thing. All you can do is work on your problems and use the help that is avaliable to you. It’s a reality that some people are screwed with this disease and have so many problems that may never go away. The reality is that some of us may never get better or accomplish as much as we want. Not all of us will succeed. Not everybody likes themselves, and not everybody has high self esteem or confidence.

But I will repeat, all you can do is work on your problems and do the best you can. No one expects you to be the next president of the United States or a successful lawyer or the next Princess Diana. No one even expects you to work or go to school. But it would be nice if you could. Lots of people understand that we have limitations, so we shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations of ourselves and our place in life.

I have problems and you have problems, mine might have been worse than yours at some point. And your problems may be worse than mine are at this point. Things change. Life goes in cycles, good things come back for some people. Just do the best you can, that’s all you can do. I know it sounds like a sixth grader wrote this but I hope it helps.


I’m sorry for your pain. Best advice I can offer is to do the best you can in the day you’re in. Sending hugs.


Give yourself a break, and don’t get so down on yourself. You’re a human just like anyone else with all the frailities and self-doubt that many people have. I know it’s hard not to beat yourself up but it’s possible to do it less. Good luck.


Thus is an Opinion … ,

Usually a Psychiatric (OR) Doctorate’s* Degree-ish Opinion … ,

To {{{ALLOW}}} Those On thee Outside Looking In to Create Your Reality Before You , Is Completely Incorrect and in No Way a Solvation Proclamation to Your PERSONAL Problems … ,

As e(Y)e Grow Older and Old-ish e(Y)e Fynde That e(Y)e Lyke My Definitions Muchos Del Grande Better Than Webster and Friends … ,

Perhaps Trie Out Thus Thread e(Y)e Created and See if it Sprinkles Some Positive On Your End … ,

Thus Thread Rite Here ------- > (^&^) Organizing Ones Self (^&^) < -------

Maybe Trie it Out , Share With a Friend and Both of You (OR) However Mani Friends , Altogether Jump in That Pond and See if You Can Swim in it For A-while … ,

Perhaps Helpful … ,

Hmm …(?)…(?)…

e(Y)e Honestly Don’t Know if e(Y)e’m Using That Word Correctly*

N e Hoo ,

Have a Great Dai / Mourning / Noon (OR) Nite (!!!)

from my view u r pretty.but from my experience u r not happy.
i am not happy too.but compared with school time.its better .i am poor.but compared with people ib Syria there is no bullet around here

if u feel life is unfair u just don’t know the truth behind death.once u know it.u will be very appreciate the life u have now

vegetarian is very important

thanks to all. yes,i will work to be a better person…and ill take my minimum of meds because otherwise I become guilty with all my bad thoughts and the anger inside of me…I know,its not nice to be angry but this is myproblem…I was fuiling really guilty because of it. at a time,i was overmedicated…
thanks for your comments,it helps
kisses :slight_smile: