I don't know what I want to do in my life

Everywhere I see is not what I like to become :unamused:

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I want to be programmer , computer geek, designer, gamer

I want to have better easier more interesting job

I have no problem with that.

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Can you take classes on your interests?

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I want to have Ron Jeremy’s job.



there are loads of jobs i’d like to do but not anything i may be capable of, part of the mind is willing but the rest is not :frowning:

it’ll be a miracle if i can get a decent job and stick to it :confused:

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What’s that ???

Classes are ■■■■

I want to do admin working for agency but my schizophrenia wront let me but I hope
I want work sixteen hours or less then can stay on benefits


And boy, does he get a lot of them. :wink:

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Hi @crazy_dancer_arcade_pro.

If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?

I ask that as I’m in my mid-40’s. I’ve had sz and borderline personality disorder from a young age. Despite these crippling disorders I got first class honours in bachelor degrees (yes, plural) and graduated to have high-brow, white-collar, professional, successful careers (yes, plural).

This tells me that you can achieve anything you want to professionally.

My problem wasn’t achieving illustrious careers. It was that I was lost in a sea of psychotic rage most of the time with no sleep due to trauma history-induced insomnia. Chronic insomnia & psychosis don’t bode for a kick-arse career persona.

I just work in libraries these days. My colleagues are lovely, every shift is a mood booster. But I can’t deal with many hours of the work environment, I’m sz & unstable.

I’m sure you can achieve any career objective you seek. You’re smart, hardworking and talented so you can do it.

It’s just that I’ve found these kind of threads on the forum about lacking purpose & career direction are usually about something else…like catching up with friends and people you love. Are you sure you’re not isolating & would feel a lot better if you spent some time with people your love & who love you?

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Then why aren’t you working in one now ?

And why did you bother obtaining all these certifications if you clearly knew you were psychotic?

you have no compassion or empathy for adults who are the survivors of child abuse and attack us at every opportunity on the forum. I’ve seen you bully us more than once. that’s mighty low.

You don’t know the hardships of having a career & paying a mortgage. That’s less than experienced in adult responsibility.

why would I bother with anything other than putting you on ignore.

Sure I do, I’m a victim of one.

Sure I do, I had one.

And by us, you mean …

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